Fire Suppression Solutions LLC

Seconds Count...

Fire can double in size

every 30 seconds!

While it is true that all fires start as small fires, the fire landscape has changed greatly from the days of horse drawn fire equipment and bucket brigades.  Ever changing sources of fuel such as new building materials, hybrid and electric vehicles and their batteries as well as the Li-Ion batterys now common in most household and personal portable electronic devices combined with reduced staffing numbers present new hazards and challenges.

Early intervention can reset the clock while trained Firefighters respond.  Fire Suppression Solutions, LLC (FSS) provides Portable, Fixed/Portable and Fixed Fire Suppression equipment, Stay Safe All-in-1 and Pan Safe, Li-Ion battery Emergency Response Kits and EV/ICE Fire Blankets to reset that clock, for both public and private sectors as well as everyday people.  We also have what is needed for the safe storage and transport of lithium batteries as well with Safe Storage Solutions, and Battery Transport Solutions

Our fire suppression tools utilize GreenEx and GreenSol Aerosol Fire Suppression components allowing us to create state of the art solutions that meet the highest industry standards.  Fire Suppression Solutions consists of a team of experts with significant fire, police, safety, and technical experience who can assist you in developing your specific fire suppression and extinguishing needs.

Despite all the best precautions, a fire can still occur.  Our products offer you the peace of mind and an extra level of protection for your family, employees, property, and community should a fire event occur.  Our solutions utilize powdered aerosol technology that is non-corrosive, non-oxygen depleting.  This means these tools are non-hazardous to people, pets, and electronic equipment.

Fire Suppression Solutions is the EXCLUSIVE UNITED STATES DISTRIBUTOR of GreenEx Aerosol Fire Suppression Solutions and LifeSafe Technologies Products.

The portable Fire Suppression Tool (FST) is a highly effective, environmentally safe aerosol fire suppression solution.  The FST is a game changer in slowing the progression of fire, gaining first responders valuable and often critical minutes and seconds.

The FST can be deployed by anyone that can pull the pins and throw it in.  In many instances, the early deployment of the FST cannot only suppress but even extinguish the fire!

The Fixed Portable Fire Suppression  Tool provides the same portability as the Portable  FST combined with a rate of rise monitor that will automatically deploy the FST when there is an increase of temperature (40° F in 60 seconds or less).

Our Fixed Aerosol Extinguishing System is used to protect highly sensitive areas where the loss would be detrimental to the operations of your company.  We are able to integrate our system into your existing systems (i.e. alarms, HVAC, etc.) to provide exceptional fire extinguishing capabilities without the use of water or hazardous chemicals.

Vehicle Fires are on the rise across the World. Electric Vehicles as well as alternative fuels create new challenges combined with the fact that vehicle fires are difficult to contain, release toxins and carcinogens in the air and ground, and can take massive amounts of water to extinguish.

Deployment of our EV/ICE Fire Blanket at the first sign of potential fire can prevent the growth of the fire.  If fire is visible, draping the EV/ICE Fire Blanket over the vehicle will contain the fire and potentially prevent spread while suppressing the flames.

Stay Safe and Pan Safe are environmentally friendly and non-toxic.  

Stay Safe is designed to use anywhere a fire might start.  It’s easy to use too – just remove the cap, point at the fire and spray until the unit is fully discharged.

Pan Safe is designed to rapidly extinguish a dangerous cooking oil pan fire.  The fast acting liquid technology expands to smother the fire.  Simply place in the pan, no need to even open the sachet.

Properly equipped containers can provide risk prevention, early and accurate detection, pre-fire management, fire suppression, cooling and post-fire management.

The BUNCKER Pro Lite and Heavy Line are a product range of multifunctional packaging to safely transport and store all types of lithium batteries; new, intact, defective, damaged, or suspect. 

Where can our Fire Suppression and Fire Safety Products be used...

Anywhere fire can occur!